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We offer a broad variety of handcrafted kitchen designs.


Why choose a handcrafted kitchen?


At Simonsen and Czechura, we design handcrafted kitchens where every element of the kitchen is created to meet your dreams, taste and visions. 


A handcrafted kitchen provides the flexibility to design solutions that fits in to the everyday life. An everyday life that is different and unique to each person. 


We use our unique design universes to inspire and guide our customers to choose the kitchen that suits them. ​ Basically, a handcrafted kitchen is about creating a kitchen that is unique and meets your dreams. This can make it an investment in both functionality and aesthetics, as it allows you to have a kitchen that is tailored to your lifestyle and needs. ​ ​


Contact us to get answers to questions about our designs, processes, offers and more.

Learn more about the different design universes. 

Our Nordic Classic and Cosy North  kitchens bring out a feeling of cosiness, through their use of natural materials.


The fully bespoke kitchens include some of our most unique and refined designs and details.


New shades of oak kitchens offer a variety of tones and finishes in our favourite wood species, brought forth through careful crafting and finishes, ranging from rugged to refined. 


The frame kitchens offer a simple and timeless quality well suited to both modern and traditional homes, where less is truly more.

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