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Video from our carpentry facilities in Copenhagen.

A long history of bespoke craftsmanship

Simonsen and Czechura started as a small Danish carpentry firm in 1994 by Peter Simonsen and Robert Czechura. From building up the company in a small shed North of Copenhagen, today we have our own carpentry and showroom in Denmark.

Given our backgrounds as architects and craftsmen, clients turn to us for a wide range of projects. From custom-made furniture to re-designing kitchens to complete home renovations, we design and build from scratch.

A local carpentry 

In particular, we have developed a reputation for designing and producing kitchens, with very simple, streamlined designs. An approach we are also able to apply to classic kitchens.

By engaging the same core, experienced team of carpenters and craftsmen to build and install the kitchens into our clients’ homes, they have a strong feeling of responsibility for bringing each product solution to life.

At Simonsen and Czechura, we strive to be at the forefront of design developments. This enables us to create a totally new vision for your home, customized to your personal needs.An approach that gives us total freedom to view each project with fresh eyes. 

Given our extensive experience, our passion for design and interiors, our dedicated team, and modern facilities, we are well equipped to design, build, and tailor-make interiors of exceptional hand-crafted quality. Overseeing the entire process – from idea to completion. 

If you have a dream home in mind, let’s work together to make it a reality.

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