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Discover our MODULAR series

We have developed the MODULAR product series. Our MODULAR series is minimalistic and clean in its design. 


Read more about the line here. 


Design for everyone. 

We have carefully designed a consistent product line that we believe appeals to a wide audience. The design is both clean and functional. Its purpose is clear. 

Our selection of colors is carefully selected to complement the design. 

Since we have already designed the building elements for you, all you need to do - is to choose the materials and colors. Therefore the proces is a lot easier and faster. 

We choose the design structure. 


You choose the materials and colors. 


Choose between oak or painted surfaces. The oak surface is offered treatment in white or smoke oiled. 


We offer a wide selection of materials for the worktop. Wheather it is stone, marble or wood. 


Choose between one of our many selected SC colors. Carefully selected by our designers and architects. 

In our MODULAR series we design products for the kitchen, bathroom and wardrobe. The series is build around specific measurements in the design. 

An essential that makes the proces of the MODULAR products, faster and less expensive.

MODULAR bathroom 

Discover the bathrooms of our modular series. 

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MODULAR wardrobe

Discover our wardrobe solutions for the modular series. 

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MODULAR kitchen 

Discover of our kitchen modular designs. 

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