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New appliances

Even though appliances are long- lasting, there comes a time where technology, rust, and influences of hard water can take over. Therefore we can help and advise you in finding new appliances to replace your current older models.


Change the fronts

We can help you to refresh your existing Simonsen and Czechura kitchen by changing the front surfaces of your kitchen cabinets. There are plenty of ways to improve our high-quality fronts, such as sanding and oiling of wooden fronts, or by repainting lacquered fronts, but it is also possible to make a complete renewal by choosing a new material.


Changing your countertop

If you want to dramatically improve your kitchen or bathroom furniture, a change of the countertop is an easy way to make it a complete and often very practical transition. We offer a wide variety of materials from solid wood to metal and various grades and colours of stone surfaces. All carefully crafted with our usual attention to detail.


We offer to renovate and improve your exsisting Simonsen Czechura kitchen or interior furniture.


Our expertise in both design and craftsmanship is giving us the advance to quickly renovate and improve our furniture. 

Do you need a refreshment to your kitchen, bathroom or furniture?

We can help you with the following: 

Renovation and Remodeling
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